Clinical data: 53 year-old female
  • Patient has an history of idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease treated with salazopyrin.
  • During a routine control proteinuria was found.
Laboratory findings
  • Creatinine: 60 µM/L
  • Creatinine clearance: 114 ml/min
  • Sedimentation rate: high
  • Proteinuria: 2.5 gr/day
  • No paraprotein, no Bence Jones proteins
Renal biopsy
Virtual microscopy:
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Additional stainings:

Congo red:

Congo red

Immunofluorescence: IgG:

Immunofluoresence: IgG

Immunofluorescence: C3:

Immunofluoresence: IgM

Electron microscopy:

Electron microscopy 1

Electron microscopy 2

Electron microscopy 3



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